Modern Cloister: A Guide to Understanding the Psalms


Over at Modern Cloister, we are excited to launch a new six part series on the Psalms. We start with todays episode, A Guide to Understanding. The next episode will get into how to use the Psalms. In the remaining four, we will dig into the different types/genres of Psalms (variously broken down, typically, between five and 12, we landed on eight).

Over the past few years, the Psalms have become one of the most important books to me. As I read how much the book was used in history – reading, singing, praying – it is almost disheartening how little we (most protestants) use them today. 

I’ve reviewed two of the best books out there (that aren’t commentaries) on the Psalms – How to Read the Psalms & Learning to Love the Psalms – if you are interested in reading more. 

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Praise and Thanksgiving In the Psalms Modern Cloister

In this episode, we take a closer look at praise and thanksgiving psalms, discussing both genres of psalms, their differences and areas of overlaps, and ways they have been and continue to be used by Christians and the church. This includes reading select verses from a handful of our favorite psalms. This is the 3rd episode in our series on the psalms.  In the 1st episode in the series, we provided an overview of the psalms, including their history, organization, difficulties, themes, language style and poetic nature, along with our personal stories in coming to love and appreciate the psalms. In the 2nd episode, we discussed how the psalms were used historically within the church and shared practical insights into how to use the psalms today in both corporate and private worship and prayer., including several on-air, live examples of praying and singing the psalms. You can listen to those episodes below: A Guide to Understanding the Psalms How To Use The Psalms If you're new to the Modern Cloister, check out our first full series on community via the links below and listen to our introductory episode to learn all about the "why" behind our podcast.  Welcome to the Modern Cloister A History of Christian Community The Decline of Community The Future of Community The Impact of COVID-19 on Community Remember to rate, review and subscribe to be the first to get our newest episodes! And connect with us to share your thoughts and feedback at 
  1. Praise and Thanksgiving In the Psalms
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  3. How To Use The Psalms
  4. A Guide to Understanding the Psalms
  5. In The News: Losing Our Religion, Refugee Cap, Human-Monkey Embryo, Women Songwriters, and Dawkins Excommunicated

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