This page offers a list of free resources for gaining more knowledge in Christianity. It is a work in process, and ever growing. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

Shameless plug for my thoughts on setting up your Theological Library and how to choose Commentaries(links at bottom of page to commentaries rankings from smart people).  

Even more shameless, go buy my book recommendations from my Amazon store, so I can’t get some money.

Seminaries that post their lectures free online:

Also check out Third Millennium Ministries. They have links to all the free courses plus much more. 

You can also go over to Challies for a list of free theological journals and magazines

Go over to Kevin Halloran’s site for a massive, categorized list of many free courses by subject, as well as book recommendations and reading list. If I were better at the blog thing, this is what I’d want my resources page to look like. Instead, I’ll call it a day and just  link it. 

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