Evangelicals and President-Elect Trump

I’m not going to provide much in the way of commentary, because I’m just too tired and a little burned out at this point; in fact, I’m going to be extra lazy and just dump raw links. However, I have to note that 81% of White Evangelicals voted for Trump. I was surprised at how high this was. Maybe you are thinking, well, that is just a consistent vote. Two problems with this, first it is actually higher than W received against Kerry or Gore. Second, that were a huge number of Evangelical leaders, pastors, seminary presidents, and public theologians that came out against Trump, so you’d expect the numbers to be lower.

Of course, things are much more complicated than one subgroup vote. I think, and the polls seem to be showing this, that the democrats lost (well, except the popular vote) due to the fact that they focused too much on identity politics and missed the most important part of elections – it’s the economy stupid. I think many Evangelicals voted for power, to stay a controlling force in government, and we sacrificed our moral voice for it. Unfortunately, I think most Evangelicals were simply tricked into becoming single issue voters – something I think is a terrible idea.

Anyway, that’s really all I feel like writing at this point. Grab them by the pussy, here’s your link dump:









2 thoughts on “Evangelicals and President-Elect Trump

  1. Good thoughts man. I’m with you in that I’m surprised that the number is that high, but at the same time, I’m with the crowd that didn’t vote for him, so I’d expect that number to be lower as well. Of course I NEVER saw this coming. I thought Clinton was a shoe-in and this was going to be like 2012 all over again where Romney just couldn’t get the votes and Obama just killed it. All my liberal friends are extremely unhappy to say the least. Lol


  2. Still kind of shocked by it. Spoken to far too many Evangelicals who have told me they voted for him, but didn’t expect him to win. I just don’t get it.


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