Book Review: Just Do Something

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will by Kevin DeYoung

Rating – A must read

Level – Very readable, short.

Summary – Many people search for God’s will, but American Evangelicals, especially Millennials, have made it an art form. He claims that doing this ‘leads us to no where’ and calls us ‘directionally challenged’ (these are names of the chapters in the book). The basic point is that too many of us sit on our asses ‘waiting’ for God to have a perfect opportunity just fall on us. All this waiting means we don’t accomplish much. The essence of his book: trust God and Just Do Something. Another great takeaway is that God’s Will is about moral decisions. Where we live or which job we take is a non-moral decision.

Review – I found his sections regarding the life of his grandparents especially intriguing. Maybe because my granddads are also quite old and are believers. There is a great section where he asks one granddad about considering God’s will for his job. His granddad’s answer, he hadn’t really thought about that. He knew he needed to pay bills and he knew that required work, so he went and found some.

This book really challenged me on a very personal level.  I felt he was describing me in the parts about waiting to the point of doing nothing, waiting for God to make it happen essentially. He also talks of fear, and people hiding behind God. I believe that is part of my problem. I’m scared to take a risk, but it’s very easy to say, ‘It’s not God’s time, yet’ or something to that affect. While I had some specific convictions, I hope that it would challenge every Christian who reads it to do something.



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