On Reading

I read a lot of books. Somewhere between 20-30 a year, even more when I can figure out how the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library works. Everyone in my family reads like this (more or less) also. My dad will put down a whole novel in a night. Even my grandparents read for most of their leisure time; which is actually kind of hilarious because we set my 91 year old graddad up with a Kindle, he has to max out the font, but he loves it.

Apparently reading challenges are a thing, that’s why I made one. However, when I tell people this, they seem somewhat shocked, as if it were some insurmountable number. I think it is because so many people don’t want to put the effort in of one book after the other, or if they pick up a big book, they hate the idea of try to slog through it. My wife does this. That’s why I think people should read multiple books at once. I’m currently reading an 800 page book on the 20th century American presidents. I’m not going to come home and read that every night. Just like TV or music or movies, sometimes you want something a little different.

That’s why I’m always(ish) reading at least five books. I have them broken down into five different categories, with some overlap. So, it’s not that I read all five every day, but in a given week or so, I do. My guess would be that I get through them faster than reading five books, one after the other, which actually wouldn’t work for my first category anyway.

Devotional – This is how I start my day. Just a quick 5-10 minutes in the morning before I head to work. Right now, I’m reading Morning by Morning, which will take all year, but if you picked a few different 30-40 day devotionals, you’d knock-out 10 books a year with just a few minutes in the morning.

Book of the Bible with related commentaries – I’m doing First Peter right now with the Tyndale commentary, but have also read through bits of others. Again, you do two or three bible studies a year, and that’s three more books.

Some other Christian book – This would be something like a book on fasting or a systematic theology or one of the counterpoint books. Sometimes, I’ll do two in this category simultaneously. I think most Christians would do well to pick up at least two of these a year.

Non-fiction – Pretty broad, but usually, for me, history, auto-biography/memoir, politics/economics, or biography. This is another category where I may do two at a time, if they are different enough. This is another category where most people should grad at least two a year.

Novel – Usually Grisham, Crichton, or whatever I can get from the lending library but can also be classics. I will often read two at once here as well, usually one modern and one classic. I’d say people should be knocking out four to five of these a year.

There you have it. If you can follow these basic categories (or make up your own if you are less theologically inclined) you could pound out 17 to 22 books a year, easy.

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