Considering Seminary, Finale

There are five seminaries and three extensions campuses located in metro Atlanta: Candler Divinity School (attached to Emory and one of the UMC seminaries), McAfee School of Theology (attached to Mercer and one of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship seminaries), Columbia Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PCUSA), Luther-Rice Seminary (unaccredited), Interdenominational Theological Center and extensions of Reformed Theological Seminary, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC) and Dallas Theological Seminary.

The three extension sites are actually the closest to me, but I am unlikely to attend either for four reasons. First, theological issues for NOBST and DTS and related RTS may just be too conservative/fundamentalist for me. Second, I’m not sure how academically they are viewed if I were to go forward later with PhD or ThM studies (this was the advice of my pastor). Third, money; they offer very little in the way of scholarships. Finally, as I mentioned previously, my focus is going to be on practical theology and leadership, none of which I’d be able to hone in on with their master’s programs.

Luther-Rice is unaccredited (can’t go further in education) and is too conservative, CPTS and ITC are probably too liberal in their theology and all three are too far away/lack flexible course options. That leaves me with Emory and Mercer. They both offer really compelling masters programs; the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry at McAfee and the Masters of Religious Leadership at Candler. I’d probably lean towards the MACM at this point, mostly due to the courses offered but also because they have some online options. I have reached out to both to get info on admissions and financial aid. I will update as I hear back from them.

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