In the News

Probably not getting enough attention right now: Evangelicals still hopeful for immigration reform despite Speaker Boehner’s announcement yesterday.

For the win: Pope Francis won the internet.

‘Tis the Season: The Archbishop of Canterbury reminds us to be mindful of rampant consumerism this Christmas.

Pastors’ Kids: A new study from Barna says that while only 7% of pastors’ kids are not Christians (9% for Millennials), 33% percent are no longer active in church. The article did not state whether this was in line with Millenials or not. Reasons stated for these kids leaving included unrealistic expectations of the children and a failure for them to make religion their own. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Evangelicals where more likely than mainline to still be involved.

Another reminder: There are worse things than Target calling it a holiday tree.

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