Metal Friday

When you are trying to write a blog, one good plan is to have a recurring segment. I got an idea after reading yesterday that on Venus it rains metal: Metal Fridays. I’m a huge fan of hardcore music including post-hardcore and metalcore. Many of the good bands I like have members that are Christians and even have lyrics focused on Christian themes. This lead to the awesome attempt to rename the categories. So you end up with ‘genres’ like life-metal or white-metal or my favorite, Christcore.

Anyway, one of my favorite bands right now is Wolves at the Gate, whom I actually saw live a few weeks ago. I like all their songs, my favorite probably being ‘Man of Sorrows’ but they don’t have an official video for that yet. I heard about them from a buddy of mine, looked them up on YouTube and I believe this was the first video I ever saw of them: