Good Metal Friday

I hope that’s not sacrileges.

Think today, as we remember and reflect on the Lamb that took our place and suffered the Wrath of God. He, for our sake, was separated from God (hell) so that we would be counted righteous and be adopted sons, never to be snatched away, but spend eternity praising Him, who is on the Throne.

The Father of grace and mercy has poured out His wrath completely,
on His Son for our sake, we are free, brought the Lamb to slaughter for me

There is love! Here is love! This is love! There is love!!



Metal Friday

Has returned.

We’ve been going through John at church. This past Sunday part of the verse was John 18:11 – So Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into its sheath; shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?”

Listen to the lyrics here – “He drank it up, the Cup of God’s Wrath”

Metal Friday

Metal Friday has returned and is off to an auspicious start with me posting this close to 6:00 ET.  Oh well, at least I have the excuse that this is a holiday. So, my favorite band, Wolves at the Gate, is back out with a new CD called VxV (that would be five by five). I just got it a few days ago and it is freaking awesome. Here is the official video for the song Relief:


Happy Independence Day everyone, I should be back next week with some actual new content. Have a great weekend.


Metal Friday with no Music

So, I’ve been away for a while. Work projects, kids, and other miscellaneous outernet activities preoccupied me for bit and then I honestly just forgot about this blog. That is, until recently, when I saw this: Tim Lambesis admits he is an athiest.

This is something Mrs. MMT and I discuss fairly often. We are always frustrated when we see the icthus on business cards or up a sign for, say, a cleaning company. I personally do not believe there is a “Christian” way to cut the grass. There is no salvation I can obtain from a printing company. Now, most of these people probably just are deep/sincere believers and they want to signal that. However, me being as cynical as I am, I usually assume it is just a marketing ploy. It really kind of bothers me; I will often purposely choose another service when it comes to this.

I guess what irritates me so much about this, is that is seems to come from a place of separatism. Look, I know we are supposed to be “in this world” but not “of this world”, but I don’t think you are compromising your beliefs if you don’t put a cross on your sign for your car wash. Alternatively, you could imagine some people may decide to patronize another proprietor, solely because you do this. Now, this does have the benefit of smug self-righteousness, but as we are IN this world, those people are exactly the ones we need to be in contact with.

Sorry for the saddest Metal Friday so far, but he is/was in a metal band, so there you go. Music will be back next Friday, or not, you can never know.

Metal Friday

Metal Fridays is up a little late because I forgot again. I dipped out of work early, went to the gym and then home to play video games. I had all the intentions of putting on up real quick. I was reminded when I turned pandora on.

So this song is a few years old, but it is from the band Oh, Sleeper and come from their latest CD ‘Children of Fire.’ The song is called ‘Endseekers’ and appears to be one their only produced videos. Enjoy: