Modern Cloister: Decline of Community


In this week’s episode, we discuss the decline of community in America. This is probable most famously captured in the book, Bowling Alone. The changes in communal life in general had two major impacts on Christians, first the pursuit of individualism and consumer focused churches leads to over an overall decline Christian community, second the decline of each lead to a broader decoupling of church culture and American culture. I should note that when we think of 50’s American culture and Christianity, we are talking about White Protestant Americans. I know that leaves many people out, especially black people and Catholics, but the sad fact of American life (as far as culture shaping) and politics of the time is that these groups specifically were excluded (think segregation and the controversy of JFK being Catholic). 

Our last episode discussed the history of Christian community, and today’s is still a little but of history, but it is a turning point that brings major change and will lead us into our next episode of where we are today. We’ll have one more offshoot episode, on the impacts of Covid, to wrap up the series. You can find us on all the major platforms (if you are on one that doesn’t have it, let me know) or listen to it here or on my Modern Cloister page from the tabs at the top. 


The Future of Community Modern Cloister

In this episode of the Modern Cloister, we discuss trends and projections for where the church is headed, along with our thoughts and commentary on the opportunity we have as Christians to influence the future of both the church and Christian community over the next decade. This is the 3rd episode in our series on community. The 1st covered the history of Christian community and the 2nd focused on the decline of community from the 1950s to present day. Resources mentioned in this episode:  Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer This is the book mentioned at the end of the podcast, for anyone interested in further reading.
  1. The Future of Community
  2. In The News: Atlanta Spa Shootings, Beth Moore, Audrey Assad, and Evangelicals Least Likely to Care for Others
  3. The Decline of Community
  4. A History of Christian Community
  5. Welcome to the Modern Cloister

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